no pictures cause it just didn't seem appropriate at the time

It's been SOOOOOO hot in Ribeirao lately. I made the "remark" to Mike the other day that if we just had a rain storm, everything would cool off!

This afternoon we were watching sweet little Karis (the baby from the before mentioned post) for her mom and dad so they could move. I was also making dinner for some friends that were coming over tonight and trying to clean all at the same time. Then....GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!?!

We finally got our rain storm.

I was so excited to see it clouding up that I was almost giddy. I went in to get Karis up from her nap and laid her down next to Mike on the couch. I went through the house closing all the windows (A MUST BEFORE EVERY RAIN) and then back to the chores. All of a sudden it sounded like our apartment was being hit by a train. We looked outside and you couldn't see ANYTHING! It even started hailing which it never does here. I decided to make one more check through the house as Mike grabbed the baby and took her into the hall. She was SCREAMING at this point. (poor thing)

I took Karis from Michael to calm her down and went to the bedroom to get her pacifier. When I got there, I noticed rain POURING onto the floor/bed through the window. I'm not talking a little sprinkle, I'm talking BUCKETFULS of rain coming through the edges of all the windows. The floor was a pond and the bed was getting soaked. I screamed for Mike to come and bring towels. As he came in and tried to make sense of all the madness going on in our room, Karis (still really horrified at this point) and I go into the boy's room to find the exact same situation. Realizing there's not much left to do but laugh...I quietly walked back to Mike and told him to check the other rooms when he had a handle on ours. I walked back to the living room to the couch and started singing Baby Beluga to Karis. (very appropriate song for the situation, I thought)

Once things calmed down we realized the power was out! The apartment was a COMPLETE disaster and dinner was only half finished so we decided to call our sweet friends Daniel and Letícia to reschedule. Steven and Emily made it back to their only slightly traumatized baby after climbing 13 MARVELOUS flights of stairs. When the power goes out up here in the heavenlies we are sorta out of luck!!! I'm really hoping I get a do-over with Karis but it might be awhile before Steven and Emily want to entrust her to us again!

So that was my day!!! How was yours!?!
And for those of you unfamiliar with Baby Beluga...let me introduce you to the smooth sounds of Raffi!


Jen said...

Bless your heart! At least the rain cooled you down I hope....and you could laugh...that is great medicine. Hoping you are smiling and having a good weekend.

The Gillums said...

Oh, the joys of life in Brazil! Karis says she'll come over again as long as you continue singing to her.

The Summers said...

thanks crazy!