1st day of school

Today the kids started their classes. They got up early to go eat breakfast and then came back to get pictures made with the Whitenton kids.
acting silly

Jayden's first day of school...he was so tired!


a new home...for a little while

Quad 21 will be serving as our home for the next 9 weeks. The guys went fishing this morning and will start classes on Wednesday. Everyone is getting all moved in and I can already tell it's going to be very interesting! ;)
This room serves as our living room/great room. We share it with 4 other families. I KNOW, RIGHT!?! ha No, actually, the people we are living with are great. We already know all of them and they are all going to Brazil just like us!

The boys have made themselves at home...if home is where you hang your hat, anyway!?!

This is my favorite part of our quad. IT IS ALL MINE...for 9 weeks anyway. We've lived here for less that 24 hours and I've already washed 3 loads!


Chesapeake Bay

Today we drove through the mountains of Virginia and ended up on the Chesapeake Bay. We let the kids wade in the ocean and then we ate lunch on the beach. We decided to let the kids see a historic lighthouse located on Fort Story military base. It was really beautiful.

Driving back to Richmond wasn't quite as enjoyable. UGHHHH!!!!!!!


almost there...

Well...we made it to Virginia. We're not quite to Richmond but ALMOST!

Maybe some sightseeing tomorrow. We haven't decided if we want to go to the mountains or the ocean. Hopefully tomorrow I'll update with some pictures.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep. The boys are tucked into bed and watching Little House on the Prairie right now. I think I'll join them....


on the move

We have spent this week in Lexington saying goodbye to all our friends. We've had some REALLY hard goodbyes! We will be leaving for Virginia on Saturday morning so that we can begin our time of training.
I think I've lost my mind because I forgot my cell phone charger and so many other REALLY important things. My phone is completely dead but thank goodness my cousin is bringing the charger (along with baseball gloves) to us on Friday. THANK YOU GERI!!!
JohnMark is at camp this week and I pray he's having a wonderful time even with all the stress he is under regarding moving again. The other two boys have been getting in bed VERY LATE almost every night and they are struggling with getting up the next morning. We try to spend as much time as possible with our friends but the boy's sleep is paying a price. Pray we can get back into our routine over the next couple of days!
Sorry I've been barely blogging over the past month but life is absolutely crazy right now. I know that soon we'll be living a little more normalcy and hopefully I'll be on here updating more.
Thanks for your prayers...guys!!!


Playa Del Carmen

Mike and I spent a few days in Mexico last week!
It was wonderful!!!


bunk bed forts

OK...it's unanimous! The music is gone! I might bring it back again on occasion for Mike but I'll make it where it doesn't come on automatically!

I caught the boys making a fort out of their bunk beds today and it made me think of our old home. We moved their furniture here into mom and dad's house so they are still using it while we are in the states. (a little consistency for them is nice)

Anyway...I was so happy to see them making a fort again. I had to take a picture of their creation so I would remember it when they are old. The boys aren't in the picture because I wasn't allowed into the fort. I snuck in while they were in the shower to take the pictures.