wAiTiNg oN tHe vIsAs

dOeSn'T hAvE tO bE sO bAd!

You can check out dinosaurs and beautiful jewels in museums, sit in old airplane cockpits, hang out on capital hill, ride the metro, look at dead chickens in windows at Chinatown, or just about any old thing!


Jayden's Party

So here are the pictures I promised awhile back from Jayden's birthday bonfire. It ended up being a very cold and rainy day so we all snuck inside as much as possible to avoid freezing. My mom found a cake idea online from a friend (Stacey Allgood) and duplicated it! She did a great job!

Thank you to everyone that came out! He felt so loved. It was wonderful getting to see so many of our family members for one last time before we leave! We love you all so much and feel so blessed to have you in our lives!


another answered prayer

We're getting word from so many friends and loved ones that are arriving on the field! I was in tears today while reading an email from a friend as they described their new surroundings. God is so good! He gives us love for a people group that we have prayed over for so long...and then that day we finally get to be amongst them and begin to live there! Words can't even describe~~

On Monday of this week, we had been told that all of our paperwork had been lost at the State Department. By all of our paperwork, I mean 6 months of paper acquisition and authentications and sweat and tears and Lots and Lots of $$$$!

After much prayer and many phone calls, all our visa information has been found and is supposedly headed back to us! This is a wonderful answer to our prayers. We plan to drive to DC next week to finalize everything! Have I mentioned that I'M REALLY READY TO BE DONE WITH THE VISA STUFF!?! ;)

Here's another picture that Roger took of the men in my life.
I'm sticking it on here for no good reason other than I just love the expressions on all of their faces!