A Day With Oleg

Today we spent about 3 hours at Deep Run Park.
It is this really cool park about 20 minutes from where we are living.
We had been there earlier in the week and met an AWESOME family. We decided to make plans to meet up and hang out again.

The boys were able to fish with their new friend Oleg and we also were able to share with him what we believe and why we are moving to Brazil. I promised Oleg that I would post his picture on our blog. He wanted me to make sure that I let everyone know that he is an aspiring actor so if there are any movie producers or directors reading this blog...make sure you give Oleg a chance. He'd be a great James Bond!!!! :)

OLEG: I know you're going to be reading this so I just want to let you know that we consider it an honor getting to know you better today. Like I said, this afternoon, we're going to be praying for you and your family. Jesus loves you SO much and HE has a plan and a purpose for your life! Keep seeking...He'll show HIMSELF to you! I promise!


No TV?!?

A glimpse of what kids do when there is no television around...ENJOY!!!


shot day

Today we were given immunizations that will keep us healthy overseas.
These are my happy children BEFORE shots!!!

Jayden goofing off with Noah before we go in for our turn.

Right outside, the boys were greeted with balloons, face painting, and popsicles. The smiles were hard to come by, at least by the younger two!


just a quick note

It's Saturday and I'm in ESL (English as a 2nd Language) class. I ran into the guys a little bit ago during lunch. They have on shorts and tees. I'm a little jealous. They are going out to have a relaxing day. I'm sitting in class.

Enjoy your Saturday!! Go outside and play.



Today was Jackson’s 9th birthday!
For all the grandparents…I’m going to walk you through his day!

We woke him up a little earlier than normal…
He was all grins knowing immediately what day it was. The whole family joined together in giving him a "birthday spanking".
As he left our room, he was surprised with balloons and streamers all over our door. The Whitenton Family had decorated it after we went to bed the night before!

At school, Jackson’s class had a party for him and the cafeteria ladies made him a HUGE chocolate cake! (jack’s favorite) After school, we had a party for him with several friends in our small group and others we know here at ILC.

ASHER...Jackson's smallest friend

Sarah made Jack a birthday hat! WAY COOL!

The Whitenton Family gave Jack a Frisbee and a water bottle.

Steven and Emily gave him a GIANT Hershey bar!

So…Jackson is 9 now and feeling pretty blessed I think. I remember a few weeks before we came here listening to him share how he was concerned that his birthday this year would be horrible because no friends would be around and we wouldn’t be with our family. It was a really good lesson for all of us. God provided precious friends to decorate our door and sweet ladies we don’t even know to make a WONDERFUL CAKE. Jackson has made TONS of friends since we’ve been here and we had to limit the people to just our small group that would be at his party so things didn’t get too CRAZY! God ALWAYS provides above and beyond what we could ever ask for. I think that was Jackson’s best gift this year. Realizing God’s sufficiency!!!


Family Pictures

We just wanted to give a little shout out to Roger & Courtney Hampton! Thank you for spending so much time with our family trying to get 5 people to look at the camera and smile!

You're great and we love you guys!


Learning new stuff everyday…

You really don’t need a bunch of stuff to be completely happy! My lil’ family is blissful in the midst of no television, a laptop that works when I hold it high above my head really close to one of the admin buildings, and 1 bar on my cell phone. Someone saw me doing the "wifi reach" as I like to call it just the other day! EMBARRASSING!

We end each day with the knowledge that we have completed a lot of hard work and are truly stretching ourselves. Every hour of every day is devoted to learning and growing us. The boys are making so many friends and seem to love living amongst LOTS of people. This is a good thing. ;) They are going to school to learn how to strengthen their quiet times.

Speaking of the kid's, a parrot named Richard resides at their school. AND Richard has “taken a liking” to Michael. The woman in charge of him said that he (the parrot) always picks a couple of individuals (usually adults) each FPO to attach to and will always go to them when they approach. Michael must have used his "bird whispering" skills on him or something because today was the 2nd day that Richard crawled onto his shoulder. When Mike told him to go home, he moved over to his perch! The kids went crazy and wanted to know how Mike could accomplish such a feat! Mike is enjoying his new found fame amongst the kids. ha

I’m also getting to spend precious time with my heavenly Father. Friday, we were given 3 hours to simply BE with God as HE filled our cups to overflowing! We are being reminded that the sole purpose in all that we are doing is to GLORIFY GOD!

One last thing to report…Jayden got his hair cut.

BEFORE (early July)

AFTER (Aug. 1)
What do ya think? He looks older, huh!?! He was a little shocked when she cut it but it was totally his idea and he said he was finally ready. (I guess my baby is no longer a baby)