Baby Gillum

Our last Sunday at FPO, the Brazil crew threw a Baby Shower for Emily!
It was so wonderful to be able to watch her little belly grow during our time in Virginia.
Steven & Emily will head to language school in January after the birth of their baby girl.


Day in DC

I apologize for only using pictures to tell our story lately but we have just simply been swamped and sitting down to type my thoughts hasn't been an option!
On Monday, we had to go to DC to get Mike's passport renewed. We had to be there in person in order for it to be returned in 2 days so our visa process wouldn't be slowed down. (That was a mouthful!) Anyway...we got the kids out of class and made a day out of it. We tried to spend the afternoon visiting some pretty well known sights. The boys (all four of them) had never been to DC, so it ended up being a GREAT DAY for us!
Some good news came our way yesterday. My brother and his wife had their second baby girl. Congratulations Matt, Mary and Ana! We love you all!

The guys were really good sports about posing on top of the Lincoln Memorial for me!
I love this shot!