Last night, (Christmas Eve) after we got the kids all tucked in and ready for bed, I did something I hardly ever do. I decided to sit on the stairs hidden from the boys and listen to them talk and laugh and try to go to sleep. It was funny because they were just so excited about all that would take place today that they didn't want to close their eyes.

Jayden, obviously was the most excited, listening for Santa on the roof. With every sound that the wind made or that they heard from inside the house, he asked his brothers if that might be "him"! JohnMark was so funny the way he kept telling him he better go to sleep or Santa wouldn't come at all!

I listened for what seemed like forever when finally they began to quiet down and go to sleep. I heard Jayden ask Jackson one last time to make sure and wake him up as if that would be a problem. Then there was silence. I sat there for a few moments before heading down the stairs as quietly as I could.

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. It is defined as a pleasurable expectation. I spend so much of my life bouncing from the anticipation of one event to the next. I think that is why we have started celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is even over. The anticipation of it all seems to be where we get so much of our pleasure. I guess it is only natural that the day after Christmas is such a depressing day for so many.

God has really had to work on me and my heart in this area over the last few years. He is teaching me that even though it is wonderful to have things to look forward to, my anticipation should be for Him. Where is my joy coming from? When there are no dates scheduled on the calendar for a fun night out with my husband or a girl's night out can I still find joy in the Lord? When I have 10 loads of laundry sitting at my feet and three boys are fighting continuously can I still find that joy?

Christmas is officially over on the calendar for this year but I'm going to anticipate seeing Christ in each day of this new year to come. He is there in each and every moment we live. Find Him in the opportunities that present themselves each day. Whether it be the woman in the checkout lane at the grocery store that just needs a smile or your neighbor that you know is going through a hard time. Let's anxiously wait on Him just as the boys eagerly waited for Christmas to arrive last night and see what He does!!!


Thirteen Years

Today Michael and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. Man I sure do love him! It amazes me how you can fall in love with the same individual in so many different ways throughout all the seasons of your life together. You start off with that attraction that brings butterflies and causes you to lose your breath. (I love that part!)

How blessed I am to spend a lifetime with someone who loves me with a love that is neverending. It is so rare. I find myself at times, when we're both in a room full of people, just staring at him and REALLY taking the time to see him. Do you know what I mean? I realize again how handsome he is. I realize how genuine he is and I fall in love with him all over again.

This past summer while we were at Disney, Mike and I were standing in line for a ride with two of our boys. I looked over at a bench nearby and saw the sweetest sight. This adorable couple was sitting there whispering in each other's ear and sharing with one another. She was wearing Mickey ears and he looked at her as if it were their first date. I remember thinking how timeless the two of them were sitting in the midst of all the craziness around them. I felt myself staring so long that I thought, "Go ahead Rebecca, just take a picture!" So I did!


This Season

Okay...I am totally stealing this from my friend Susan! Thanks Susan!!! She had posted it on another website but I loved it! It speaks for itself so enjoy my lack of rambling! (Oh...don't forget to pause the BEUUUUTIFUL Christmas music before you start the video)