on the move

We have spent this week in Lexington saying goodbye to all our friends. We've had some REALLY hard goodbyes! We will be leaving for Virginia on Saturday morning so that we can begin our time of training.
I think I've lost my mind because I forgot my cell phone charger and so many other REALLY important things. My phone is completely dead but thank goodness my cousin is bringing the charger (along with baseball gloves) to us on Friday. THANK YOU GERI!!!
JohnMark is at camp this week and I pray he's having a wonderful time even with all the stress he is under regarding moving again. The other two boys have been getting in bed VERY LATE almost every night and they are struggling with getting up the next morning. We try to spend as much time as possible with our friends but the boy's sleep is paying a price. Pray we can get back into our routine over the next couple of days!
Sorry I've been barely blogging over the past month but life is absolutely crazy right now. I know that soon we'll be living a little more normalcy and hopefully I'll be on here updating more.
Thanks for your prayers...guys!!!

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roger and courtney said...

We will see you on Monday! I'm glad you all had fun in Lexington and that the boys got to see their friends.
I think Asher is looking forward to seeing John Mark, he had so much fun with him when we went swimming.