a new home...for a little while

Quad 21 will be serving as our home for the next 9 weeks. The guys went fishing this morning and will start classes on Wednesday. Everyone is getting all moved in and I can already tell it's going to be very interesting! ;)
This room serves as our living room/great room. We share it with 4 other families. I KNOW, RIGHT!?! ha No, actually, the people we are living with are great. We already know all of them and they are all going to Brazil just like us!

The boys have made themselves at home...if home is where you hang your hat, anyway!?!

This is my favorite part of our quad. IT IS ALL MINE...for 9 weeks anyway. We've lived here for less that 24 hours and I've already washed 3 loads!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Greg just said that he misses quad life....AND he was serious!!!

You will love all of the fellowship in the great room. And I noticed a very nice hat/backpack/coat rack...wow....you have a nice quad!

Love you guys and praying for you!