1st day of school

Today the kids started their classes. They got up early to go eat breakfast and then came back to get pictures made with the Whitenton kids.
acting silly

Jayden's first day of school...he was so tired!


Mildred said...

So glad you have this blog. It makes your new life so much more real and accessible. We will be following you closely and praying continually. Soooo glad we saw you last week. Miss you already. Love to all your boys--(Love the pictures!)


P.S. I missed the vote on the music. I liked it. It set the tone for a good cry and a warm fuzzy feeling as I checked in on you!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Awww...he looks tired. I think the first two weeks are the most emotionally draining...they will all love school! They also have an awesome children's library there too...if I didn't tell you!

Praying for a wonderful time for you guys!