bunk bed forts

OK...it's unanimous! The music is gone! I might bring it back again on occasion for Mike but I'll make it where it doesn't come on automatically!

I caught the boys making a fort out of their bunk beds today and it made me think of our old home. We moved their furniture here into mom and dad's house so they are still using it while we are in the states. (a little consistency for them is nice)

Anyway...I was so happy to see them making a fort again. I had to take a picture of their creation so I would remember it when they are old. The boys aren't in the picture because I wasn't allowed into the fort. I snuck in while they were in the shower to take the pictures.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Lottie LOVES to build forts. Boy..she would like to be friends with your sons! A great fort!

My girls built one at ILC made out of the small couches in the great room and the chairs around the table and put sheets all around them. They had a grand time!

jess said...

That is so great, I can't wait until my kids are making forts!

Kelsie Bergquist said...

Our girls love to make forts. They use to make them all the time when we traveled all day on the mission boats to get from place to place. They would do them from the plastic chairs and eat or have a snack under thier sheets. Or do school and draw! I miss those days. We don't do the boat as we have moved to a different region. Anyways, I see your on the move and praying for you as you transition. So far it probably feels like a really amazing vacation with family and friends as you head out. Well, enjoy it all you can! Take one day at a time! When do you leave for Brazil? Where is this place exactly? Which State?? blessings to you and all your boys! Kelsie