Don't Tell.

Jackson has been having a hard time with life in Brazil. Up until recently...he had done so well but lately I think he has started suffering from a bit of culture shock. He has been making comments to Mike and I like, "This just isn't what I thought it would be." and "I thought there'd be less buildings and more trees, like in the jungle!" (I like that one!) He also struggles with being tired all of the time which I sympathize with cause I'm right there with him. He gets out of bed for school and puts his clothes on then he lays back down on my bed and falls asleep.

Today was particularly hard and I was feeling it as well. All morning long he was saying that he was missing Mike and I and that we never get to spend time together. WOW!! You know the way you feel when your kids are sad and there is just nothing you can do to make it better?!? I was feeling "that kinda sad" all through class this morning. SO...after MY language school was over I just decided to go and get the little guy. We picked him up from school right in the middle of his day and decided it would be a GREAT day to SKIP!!! He went to the store with Mike and I and we had a blast.

At the store, I snuck a HUGE bag of bubble gum in the cart. He saw it when were checking out and I saw him grinning from ear to ear!!! When we got to the car, Mike started putting all the groceries in the trunk and I slid into the backseat with Jackson. (just me and HIM) We got the bag of gum and divided it out between the two of us. I think we both had like 8 pieces each. I made him promise not to tell anyone what we were about to do. I proceeded to show him how we were going to chew all 8 pieces at once and have a bit of a sugar rush. (and boy did we!!)

After we were finally able to stop laughing and breathe again through all the gum I told him to try and blow a bigger bubble than me. He confessed that he couldn't blow a bubble. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea he wasn't able to do this. I had seen Jayden (our 7 year old) do it many times so I just assumed he could as well.

We decided:

I took some photos of his attempts and after about an hour he finally got it!


The Byrd's Nest said...

What a fabulous idea! Our first four months here...I slept all the time. I wasn't sad or anything....I just think it was "in a way" culture shock. Although, Costa Rica is alot like Texas still I am sure that is what it was. Praying for your little guy:)

Dustin said...

Please tell Jackson I'm praying for him tonight. Tell him I had those same feelings about my overseas home and that's completely normal. Things rarely turn out the way we imagine they will, but it's comforting to know that God understands our feelings. He also has a wonderful purpose and plan for Jackson in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Tell Jackson that Davis, Chandler, and Connor have been planning video game nights with your boys as soon as we get there. Every new game the get they comment on which of your boys will enjoy playing it the most:) We are praying for yall.
love you all

Shellie Salza said...

I just caught up with you guys again. WOW! My heart goes out to you and Mike! When we were in Kenya it was just my husband and I. I often wonder what it would be like now with our kids. You guys are doing a great job of making this a beautiful experience for your boys! I'll be thinking of you often!

Jen said...

Sounds like a great day if you ask me. Sometimes we need that extra time with our children...good for you mom.

The Summers said...

I am so glad you shared this! you guys are amazing parents and have such an encouragement and role model for us. (did you ever think you would be a mentor via the blog world?). Praying for Jackson.

S and J said...

Let Jackson know we're praying for him. You guys are doing a great job at keeping the main thing the main thing. It can be easy to get so focused on "doing" ministry that the family ministry can suffer. Love how you and Mike broke him out of school. Praying for you all, our precious friends!

Joanna, Steve, Elizabeth, Noah & Emma

Clem and Carrie said...

Oh, how my heart breaks for you during this time of adjustment! My mommy heart completely understands! Hunter has also struggled with our move and readily admits he doesn't like our new city. I do believe it is culture shock,as you said. We'll pray our boys through this together and always trust that God didn't bring any of us here just to let our children fall...there is strength that will grow from hardship! Tell Jackson that Hunter says Hi!