no corn fields here!!!

Some friends took us fishing over the weekend to a place out in the country about 30 kilometers away. We were grateful to leave the city for a few hours and enjoy some surroundings that felt more like home to us. On the drive out we were surrounded by fields of sugar cane and if you just glanced at it quickly it sorta resembled corn fields. (Remember...I said glance quickly. I know I'm probably stretching on this one!)

Anyway, we had a really good afternoon and now Mike has a new FAVORITE place to take the boys on the weekends. We started off pretty slow because the kids weren't familiar with using cane poles. Jackson's first fish was pretty tiny.

 Jayden caught a REALLY BIG fish. I think the cane pole made it easier for him to manage fighting the fish. I'm so grateful because he's never been an avid fisherman. He usually prefers just staying home with me and misses out on a lot of their trips. I think he's hooked now...no pun intended! ;)

Jackson finally caught several that were bigger but poor JohnMark was on a dry spell all day. I realized when I was uploading pictures that there were none of him! :(
To both of you Grandmas...I promise to have a picture of him this week at some point. He has a special day coming up and I'm sure to have my camera charged and ready!!!

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Kathy Jacobson said...

I think it is significant that the week after Jaydon's problems at school with the bullies, he caught the biggest fish. At school he is fishing for men (and bullies).