baixo & voz

When we moved to Brazil we were concerned with finding someone to continue teaching Jackson guitar. He had been taking lessons from one of Mike's very talented friends. Ashley GRACIOUSLY worked with Jackson for FREE which is unheard of!! He started working with Jack when he was seven and could barely get his fingers around the chords. Ashley was so patient and he gave Jackson a love for the guitar that we are truly grateful for!!

Jackson also had the opportunity to learn under Herb Chapman (Steven Curtis's dad) for a period of time. He learned SO much in his short time with Herb. Herb's last words to us were to make sure that Jackson continued his learning even while we lived out of the country. We assumed it would be impossible to match the talent that had already invested so much into Jackson. We never could imagine what God had in store for him.

Only a couple of weeks into living here in Ribeirão, we met several people that put us in contact with a man named Sergio Pimenta. He teaches drums, piano, guitar, electric guitar and bass. He took Jackson on as a new student and one of our good friends/language school instructors helps to translate right now for the two of them. We were blessed last night to watch he and his wife perform together. We found this video of them on youtube. See what you think of his bass SKILLS!!?!!!

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Erin said...

I miss you so much!