the zoo

These are our new friends that took us to the zoo. Matheus or Matt (the guy in yellow) is the one we met the day Jackson spilled his Fanta at the food court. Mike and he have been getting together once a week and we've been able to meet his wife, sister, and brother-in-law. His sister speaks English as well and we have such a great time with them!!!

We had agua de coco today for the first time! YUMMY!!!

These lil' guys were just visiting the park too! They weren't encaged or anything but they were all over the place!!! You don't want to walk through a spider web in BRAZIL!! :)

check out the HUGE bamboo!!!

click on the video to see Rafiki from Lion King!


Melissa said...

really cool! cant wait to show the boys tonigh :)

kelly summers said...

how cool!! I love the bear one!

Jen said...

You are having a ball. You all look really good! The zoo looks like it was a blast..I was thinking Disney as I watched each picture come thru...but you are in a much larger Disney!