um mês

We have now officially lived in Ribeirao Preto for one month. On the 19th of January, we were arriving to a brand new...well, EVERYTHING! I wasn't sure if any of this would ever feel comfortable to me but I was so wrong. We can easily get around the city now and somehow are able to order bread at the bakery like a pro.

Today, as we were driving to school, a motorcycle pulled over into our lane and was headed directly at us for a moment as he passed a car in the opposite lane. I laughed as I realized how Mike and I didn't even flinch at this occurrence. There wasn't even a pause in our conversation as our car nearly missed the speeding motorist. WOW...I'm feeling more and more brazilian every day!

Several of you have asked how long we will be in language school so I wanted to address that. We will live here in Ribeirao Preto for a year and then move to Maceio. RP is a very safe and clean city that is much larger than Maceio. We haven't felt threatened at any time or place. I pray that continues to hold true! Maceio is where we will start our ministry. It is on the northeast coast of Brazil and about a 2 day drive from where we are now. Language learning is our main job right now because if we fail to learn the language we will never succeed at reaching people. It's a HARD task but we see the necessity of it. Keep praying that we'll avoid the culture shock symptoms and dig deeper and deeper into the culture and language.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Are you in school with Dawn and Don Friesen? If so....give them the biggest hug from me!!!!! Praying for your language!

Jen said...

I will pray for you girl...hang in there. It will all come together sooner than you think. Hugs!