Super Jayden

Many of you have heard about Jayden's very difficult week in school. He was struggling with two kids that were bullying as we say in the U.S or intimidating him as we say in Brasil. One day this week during an incident, Jayden was actually held down and kicked in the face, bloodying his lip and nearly knocking a tooth out. We decided to keep him home from school for a day to help him get settled again.

The night before he went back to school, we sat down as a family to eat dinner and Michael decided not to pray but just wait. We all set there for a few minutes and then Jayden began to pray for the two boys at school that he had been having so much trouble with. He prayed that God would forgive them and that they would accept Christ into their hearts.

We are so proud of him and how he is handling everything.


Summers said...

that is priceless. what a loving boy.

Erika said...

I could just cry reading both of your entries. Ugh! That must be so hard! What an amazing boy you've got there. Praying for you;)

Jen said...

He is awesome....I'm so glad God gave Jayden to us....praying for a much better week for everyone.