This morning the boys started school here in Brazil. I'm so proud of all 3 of them. They were so brave to walk into the school with big courageous smiles like they did!!

JohnMark kept teasing me this morning that I should probably get a sharpie and put his name on his forehead because I was labeling all their stuff with a vengeance. I don't think he realizes that if I could....I WOULD!!! I would put PROPERTY OF JESUS CHRIST (in care of Mike and Rebecca) with a big black SHARPIE marker on each of them. Thank goodness God has already done that for me and Satan sees JUST THAT when he looks at each of them.

Jayden was a bit dumbfounded with everything and seemed overwhelmed as we arrived. They actually had clowns at the front of the school on stilts so it was very welcoming but the language felt like the tower of babel for him unfortunately. He watched Mike and I every second we were there. UGH!!! JohnMark, on the other hand, had a group walking around with him and seemed to already have a bunch of friends before we even left. Several of them spoke English very well. I'm not really sure about Jackson's situation. I'll have to let you know when I talk to him this afternoon. He did seem to have several boys in his class.

We did find out that there is a new teacher from the US that is a former MK. This news made us very happy!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope the children will have a good time at school even though the language barriers make it harder to adjust. I'll keep praying for each of oyu :)

Jen said...

Great picture! It sounds wonderful...i always love the first day of school....so exciting. I cant wait to here how each of their days have gone.

The Gillums said...

Love the pic! See you in a couple/few weeks!

Melissa said...

gotta love the first day of school with backpacks :) miss those boys!