weak stomachs please look away!

This photo is just to give you some idea of what the boys' socks look like AFTER I've scrubbed, soaked, AND bleached them. Can you imagine what they look like before all my hard work?!? This is all thanks to the judo class gym mats. They have promised me that all the kids are required to take off their shoes but keep their socks on. They are just dumbfounded at how they get so dirty each day!

Funny thing is...I remember REALLY freaking out when the boys would step outside into the grass with "just socks on" back in Kentucky. IT was a huge "pet peeve" of mine. I guess God is really sanding off all my sharp edges one sock at a time!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Do you have those blue or pink soap bars in Brazil? They have them here and use them instead of detergent because they don't have washing machines....they get ANYTHING out...they are awesome!

Praying for you and for you to go into remission.

Jen said...

Great way to look at it friend.....:)