Tiago...the monkey whisperer

We spent some time with avô and avó today! These are our very close friends that we met during our time in Virginia. They lived in the quad with us and we got really close to them. WE LOVE THEM and are so grateful they are making this time of transition easier for the boys. Today they went with us to get ice cream and took us to the park next to their house to show us the monkeys. Avô has some serious skills when it comes to monkeys. He brought a banana and the monkeys came right up to him and ate out of his hand. He even got the monkeys to eat out of the boy's hands.

Don't worry GRANDMA BECKY...the boy's rabies shots are up to date. :)


kelly summers said...

how unique!

Jen said...

How cool is that.....you are going to have so much fun doing stuff you cant do here there....a great learning exp for the boys and you as well.....take it all in!

Melissa said...

really cool... cant wait to show the boys when i get home :)