the kombi

What a day we've had...and it's only afternoon!!!
We started off going to visit our new schools and meeting our teachers. Everyone was speaking in Portuguese except for a few of us newbies and it was a bit of a whirlwind! I LOVED IT!!!
We then drove over to the kids school. Two of the boys were with me and Jackson was with Mike. Mike drove the school's VW kombi all day because our car is in the shop getting the AC fixed. I found this picture of one online but I think it might be a nicer version than the one we got to drive. I wish you guys could have seen us be-bopping around the streets in this sweet machine. Wouldn't a peace sign look really nice on the side of this beauty!?!

Image result for vw van

Anyway...back to the kid's schools. In my mind the teachers at their school spoke a little English yet everyone we met today only spoke Portuguese...hmm! We've told the kids to have some fun with all of this and not get stressed. They seem to be taking us up on the advice so far. The school has a garden with vegetables growing tall and several roosters. There is a robotics room and a really cool science lab. They offer judo class and a circus class. (not your typical school, aye)

We went to the McDonalds we discovered at the mall and decided to splurge for the boys. (VERY pricey down here) Thankfully the manager spoke a little English and could understand our order. The 30 people around us stared and laughed through the whole process. I just smiled at them feeling like a 5 year old. After sitting down to eat, Jackson spilled his drink and we started freaking out a bit. We had no idea how to go and get napkins from someone. Thankfully the guy sitting next to us spoke English and helped Mike learn to say, "I need more napkins." The man was wonderful. He talked with us for a very long time. We plan to meet up with him again.
All in all...it's been a weird day but we've accomplished getting gas in a vehicle without help, ordering food by ourselves, returning a faulty coffee maker (with a translator), and finding our apartment building from a new route! I think we'll sleep well tonight! We're definitely not in "Kansas" anymore!!!


Kara said...

WOW!!!!! WHat an experience already. I am so happy for you all and look foward to reading all the updates. I am glad you all have made it safetly and getting all settled in. Praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

YOur day dounds amazing...I know it all seems weird and uncharted territory but God will coninue to open doors. Miss you all horribly! Gary and I wanted to play ROOK the other night and called my folks the only peeps we know besides you guys who play and it was around 9pm on a Sat, night and my dad said it was to late to play. Oh my it is going to be a long 3 years....
Addi is hosting a HongKong child/student next week FUN! Culture event for the Fletcher Family...I'll try to send pics. Should be fun. Mis you bad, love you and glad you are safe Love to all!! Dana F.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh yes sister.....I feel your pain! First of all.....Greg TOTALLY wants this same kind of van when we get to Puebla, Mexico! Puebla makes all VW cars!!! I showed it to him and he is coveting at this very moment! lol

2nd...napkins are used very sparingly here so when you order food they don't even give you one per person...ha ha! Poor little guy.

Jen said...

Well so far I love your adventure....I love the van...I think you are doing well from what you have said...I think its awesome and the activities for the boys I cannot wait to hear more about the circus class....we are praying for you all...enjoy this moment.
Jenny Green