one funny story

before I head to bed....EXHAUSTED! :)

Tonight we had plans to eat dinner with a couple from the states that go to language school with us. Don and Marie have been here several months and know the ropes to things much better than we do. They wanted to take us to a pizzeria so we made plans to meet at 7:00. As we drove our FIXED car (not the kombi) to meet them we were making a turn and noticed large billows of smoke coming from the front of our car and coming into our car! (Actually several cars around us were also motioning to us that they, too, noticed the smoke coming out of our car) We quickly pulled over and I ushered the kids out of the car as quickly as I could and into a grassy area nearby. Mike tried to push the car over a bit more out of the road! We called the sweet couple we were about to meet and asked them for assistance.

Long story short...we are back in the KOMBI!!! The kids are so excited. They sang all the way to the pizzeria!


Jen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Your having fun! Hope you sleep well tonight..sweet dreams...

kelly summers said...

these are great stories! I am glad you are writing them down and sharing with us!