livin' in the country

Living back home with the parents is an adjustment for sure!!! They live in the country and I'm quite the suburb girl! This showed itself to be REALLY true moments ago!

I just returned from a jog where I ran into 3 pit bulls. Okay...actually, I was running and they caught up with me REALLY quickly in a CHARGING SORTA WAY!!!
It's true what they say about holding your ground with MEAN dogs! These 3 were in attack mode and I actually stepped towards them yelling, "NO!!" and they eventually yielded!

A bit down the road a SNAKE splashed into a drainage creek!

I think next time, I'll drive into a subdivision
(which I'm a bit more used to)
and start from there.

Might be a little safer! HA!!!

Funny thing is, I'm not even in BRAZIL yet!
Imagine the animals along the roadside there!?!

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Mike said...

That's three smart dogs!