Crating Day

On Wednesday we took some of our things to be crated. These are the things we won't be seeing until fall 2010. We used 300 cubic feet of our allowed 700 cubic feet. We'll be having to replace most of our things when we get there for many different reasons. The voltage/cycles will be different so none of our appliances could go with us. Furniture will need to be pretreated for termites and where we are going is so high in humidity that couches like we have here in the states ruin very quickly from mold. SO....we'll be starting from scratch for the most part. We did take our mattresses and other odds/ends.The boys decided to take their bikes for one last spin before we crated them. They rode them all through the warehouse while they waited on us to finish. Their bikes will be "a wonderful piece of home" for the boys when we open the crate next fall!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Fall of 2010? Do you guys go to language school? Where do you go? Just curious...we will be in Costa Rica for a year.