A Really GOOD Week

Last Friday, I drove up to Lexington to spend some time with Michael and all of our dearest friends. Two of these dear friends opened their homes to us. Thank you Robert and Cheri and thank you Jim and Jennifer. The boys love you all so much and had a blast with your pool tables, basketball games, and ping pong! You both were so gracious to us in every possible way!

I cannot believe all that we accomplished in a week.

We woke up Saturday morning and drove to Cincinnati so we could spend the day at King's Island. The kids had a blast but most importantly Mike and I got to ride the Diamondback Roller Coaster!

2 Words...
Then after spending Sunday morning with the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD at Center Point Church, we went to Natural Bridge State ParkWe had so much fun fishing, hiking and riding the sky lift!

We were wiped out by the end of the day!

On Monday, we spent the day at Jacobson Park with the Millers! We had a picnic and the boys fished and enjoyed the playground. They had a great time while Melissa, Lexi and I got caught up with lots of "talking time!"

And then, Monday night, I had an amazing Girl's Night Out with Dana B, Dana F, and Melissa! We enjoyed our favorite Thai restaurant and then spent a few hours over coffee catching up! Amy J...you were GREATLY missed! The Fab Five just isn't the same without ya!

Tuesday, after getting some much needed time at the salon and running lots of errands, Mike and I met our dearest friends, Peter and Susan for dinner. They took us to their favorite Korean restaurant. It was good! I was scared at first but Susan reassured me before the food arrived that I would love it and she was right!
On Wednesday, I was able to take the kids by our old house. They knocked on neighbor's doors, said hello, and gave out some hugs to their friends! AND Wednesday night, I got some Brandy time!!! WOO HOO! I miss you so much Miss Brandy! We ate at Abuelo's and then had Starbucks afterwards!

Needless to say, I've eaten out A LOT this week! I guess it's diet TIME!!! ha!

We're back at mom and dad's house now and even though it's good to be here, I'm missing my friends and hometown already! I realize now that Central Kentucky will probably always feel like home to the Powells.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what fun Rebecca. These are really great pictures...I cannot believe you rode that roller coaster! Yikes! You are very brave.