Listen to THIS....

The only 2 things we have left to get rid of before we leave are our vehicles! Mike planned on trying to aggressively sell his after he finished driving back and forth to Georgetown for work. His last day is tomorrow (Thursday) but had already listed the car online. We have been getting a few calls every now and then.

We hadn't been stressing about it because we REALLY knew that God would take care of it just like He has everything else!


Mike decided to leave his car with me this week and take the Sienna with him because it gets better gas mileage. This is the first time he has done this. He had no clue he'd be getting a call that very next day from someone in Illinois that wanted to see his car. They were able to drive over on Monday and see and test drive the car because it was with me in W. KY.

So of course, they are coming over on Thursday (MIKE'S LAST DAY OF WORK) to hand us a check and take off with Mike's Pathfinder. God's timing is quite remarkable, wouldn't you say!?!

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