Proud Mamma

First off...
I have to shamelessly brag on JohnMark. I was sitting in church today and one of the people on the welcome committee came up to my row and sat a really sweet couple down right beside me. They were visiting for the first time and I had never met them before yet I heard her whisper to the lady, "This is JohnMark's mom."

Obviously, those words can put terror into a mom. Especially at times when you are not with your children and aren't sure what they are currently doing. My mind began to race and I thought about how I might need to apologize to this poor woman for whatever my dear JohnMark had done! She seemed to be smiling though so maybe he hadn't: damaged her car with our car door, ran into her children in the hallway accidentally knocking them down, or any of the horrible things going through my mind!

She must have picked up on my fears because she quickly leaned over and whispered to me that JohnMark had invited them to church yesterday. (Michael, Jayden, and JohnMark had all gone to put door hangers out for our church's Easter service yesterday morning. Jackson and I had stayed home because he had been getting over a fever.) Anyway...she went on to tell me how when JohnMark had arrived at their house, she and her husband were outside and JohnMark just walked right up to them and started a conversation with her husband. He told him all about our church and why he was there. Apparently, they talked for quite awhile and since the family had seen our church's billboard they were already somewhat interested in our church.

I was extremely proud of JohnMark. He is always so bold in his walk with Christ and in many areas of his life he is wise beyond his years.
Okay...I'll stop with that! ;) But just know that I am super proud!

Thank you to all of you who are praying diligently for our house to sell. I truly feel each of you lifting us up! We showed the house yesterday to a couple and today we are having an Open House. Next Saturday we have it scheduled to show to a family that lives out of town. Needless to say, we are staying busy with house cleaning. We have become MASTERS at cleaning the house. Michael is great about helping....no I shouldn't say helping. He actually partners with me and takes on as much as I do. I love that he helps me carry that burden! He is a good man!

All of you IMBer's (that's a cool way to say it, huh?!?) out there packing up and getting things ready to go...I am praying for you as well! I get excited just reading your blogs and seeing your pictures of suitcases, crates and empty houses! God is at work here and abroad! It is overwhelming to think about how God will use each of these families to reach lost people all over the globe.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow...that made my whole week! I love watching the Lord work through our children. I know you must be terribly proud!

Susan said...

Oh, Rebecca, I was so proud of him I could pop! :-) You could be prouder and no one would fault you for it!

Go JohnMark! :-)