Watched Mike mow the yard for the last time. It was raining a little while he mowed and his shoulders were getting wet.

Last night, I watched Jackson play his last baseball game. He walked up to one of the younger guys and encouraged him before he left! I noticed tears in his eyes...then I noticed tears in my eyes...

The boys are spending one of their last days today with Preston and Caleb. They spent the night on a SCHOOL NIGHT. Don't tell anyone, but they are skipping school all day today. Their mom figured priorities are priorites, you know?!? Thank you God for these precious friendships you've blessed my boys with!

Not much time and lots to do, so I better get back to work....
I'll try to be more diligent about posting after this week is over! Just TOO much going on!

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Laura Bailey said...

I have only read a few of your blog postings, but today I opened this one up to save the link to my favorites and when I started reading, and the music started to play, I started thinking of how God blesses each of us in different ways. What a unique time that you will be able to reflect on later in your lives. It's amazing at how we can just look at someone in a crowd and think that their lives are just like our own. But, when you are invited into their lives, like you have allowed all of us to do in reading this blog, you remind us of how different we all are. It is easy to compare our lives to yours in wondering if our faith is not strong enough because we have not been called to make such a bold and life-altering change, but in fact, God uses us in different ways and each of us are all just a small piece of God's amazing masterpiece. Recently, I have been called to move out of my comfort zone, and your story gives me even greater strength in knowing that it is the right thing for all of us as a family. It is so difficult to know when it is God. I am curious how you know when it is the "right" time to make a move and how you know that it is God? ~ Laura B