Today has been a whirlwind!

We had such a great time at church this morning and then we were blessed to be able to spend lunch with wonderful friends! I think we spent 3 hours at Chili's with Peter, Susan, Joy, Robert and Sherri!!! I know Mike and I didn't want to leave because we are counting down each second we have left with these dear people! Time feels like it is just flying by and I am realizing each day just how much I will miss all these friends God has blessed us with.
Our pastor's wife came and gave me a hug during the service today and I had a "mini meltdown!" I am going to call it mini because it was the first of MANY to follow I am certain! I apologized afterwards for falling apart on her and told her I wasn't sure where all of the emotion was coming from. We have just 2 more Sundays with our church family and I feel like I am in a bit of a fog when I am there! I know God gives us coping mechanisms to get through the hardest of situations and I look forward to watching how HE gets me through all of this! ;)
We got LOTS of information this afternoon from some WONDERFUL people in the field. I am reading it over and over again! God is providing us with just enough information to go to the next step. He is just requiring our obedience and as long as we continue to step out in faith, He continues to show up and give us the next piece of the puzzle!
Oh....and thank you Robyn and Jeff for the luggage information today. Sorry Mike keeps harassing you with BUG RECIPES! He misses you all so much! Every time he has the opportunity to talk to Jeff, he is beaming! Sure do wish we were gonna be at training with you all....BUT...God's timing is perfect and I'll keep reminding myself of that!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

We just love the Lowe family! Lottie and Emma Jane follow Hadassah around EVERYWHERE! She is like their little Mommy. LOL

I am not a crier but I have discovered through this entire process that meltdowns can occur at any moment....any time...any place! Huge hugs to you!