Rebecca Vs. The Robin

About a week ago, I began a battle with a bird. I would walk out my front porch and see a HUGE mess all over the door, my wreath, and entrance area. At first, I couldn't figure out what the mess what all about but I finally realized a nest was being made in my front door wreath. I was very frustrated with all the dirt and junk so I quickly removed and swept up the nest from it's newly appointed home. This wasn't easy because somehow birds use mud (how do they do that?) to make their nests!!! I went and got a glass of water and removed as much of the mud and dirt from MY wreath and tried to clean off the door as best I could!

Me-1 Bird-0

The very next day I go out to get the mail and return to the porch to find a nest being made again! NOW I'M MAD!!!! Doesn't this stupid bird understand that this is not a safe place to bring babies into the world?!? Doesn't this stupid bird know that my children can slam this door at a rate that would cause brain damage to a newborn's skull!!? COME ON!!! I decide to be the mother bird's helper and REMOVE the partially made nest once more. This time I just leave the mess behind though because I have a hunch the battle is just beginning.

Me-2 Bird-0

A few days later while I'm sitting on the couch reading, I notice something flying by the window over and over again! Hmmm.....what on earth?!? YES. If you're thinking momma bird is back, you are 100% right. I open the door and find a completely finished nest but that day something was different. Right when I started to grab it and remove said nest from MY wreath, I realized there was a blue egg inside.
OK...for those of you wandering. I do have a heart. I do like robins and I do like baby birds. (Just not in MY wreath!) So, I called the boys to come and take a look at our new tenants. They were ecstatic!

Me-2 Bird-1

The next day, the boys went to check in on our little friends and discovered a 2nd egg!!!

Me-2 Bird-2

The next day, I went to see what was going on in our little front porch nursery and spotted EGG #3!!!

Me-2 Bird-3

Today I decided to embrace our little friends and make the kids use the back door. I even took some photos so you all could enjoy them as well. I'll try to get a shot of them as soon as they are born. (THAT IS IF MY CHILDREN DON'T FORGET ABOUT THEM AND SLAM THE DOOR!)
My guess is that ol' momma bird wishes she had reconsidered her housing arrangements!!


Deanna said...

Love it! They always love wreaths, go figure. Thanks for sharing.

ccnichols said...

I love this .. I'm sorry that you have to worry every time someone comes in your door but it least the boys can see birds hatch.