JohnMark Turns 11

I am having trouble believing how big my oldest son is getting. It's sorta heart wrenching and I know I've blogged about it before but it literally seems like he's getting bigger and bigger right before our eyes. We celebrated his eleventh birthday today pretty quietly. He had a friend hang out over the weekend and they played laser tag and did the "guy" stuff. Mike took the day off and we spent the day catering to the eldest son.
The cake was YUMMY!!!! We got it from Bruester's! It was chocolate cake with Oreo ice cream on top! I was very proud of myself because I used a coupon and also got a free pint of Butter Pecan!!!! This is a perfect reason to be proud, right?!? Especially, since I didn't bake his cake this year. :) Blowing out 11 Candles!!!

I got a good shot of Jackson with his face covered in cake. It was sorta funny cause normally he's not a cake eater but tonight he cleaned everyone's plate for them!

JohnMark sharing his cake!!!

JohnMark had saved his money over the past year and after receiving quite a bit of birthday money...he finally had enough to buy his PSP! This is how he and his brothers spent most of the evening!

Right before he went to sleep tonight...he yelled down, "Thanks, guys for the great day!" Man, he sure can melt my heart. He is such a gift from God!

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Anonymous said...

The last pic is the sweetest pic! Tell him happy bday for us!