A Little Piece of Heaven

I went through a bunch of old pictures tonight and walked down memory lane a bit. In 2006, Mike and I won a trip with KLOVE radio and ICM http://www.icm.org/. We had the opportunity to see Tanzania, India and China in ten days. Looking back, it sometimes feels like a dream because we were so exhausted by the end. It was an amazing experience. One we'll treasure for our entire lives. I thought I'd post some pics from the trip so hold on to your hats as we go around the world pretty quickly.

This is a church in Tanzania that was built with help from International Cooperating Ministries. Check out their website if you get a chance. They are an amazing organization that has partnered in building churches all over the globe. To my left, in this picture, is a man named Barnabas. He is one of the main visionary church planters in this area. It was such an honor to meet him.

Then as we arrived in India we were completely humbled to have flowers thrown at us everywhere we went. The people of India were the warmest people I've ever met.

I will never forget the children of India.

We ended our journey in Changsha, China. Changsha is in the Hunan Province. God is doing a mighty work in this region and I was amazed at all I saw.

We were all pretty delirious by the end of the trip. I don't think I even remember the 15 hour trip home!

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