Spending Time with Him

The timeline WE had hoped for required a contract on our house by next weekend but it looks like God has us here for a bit longer! It's so easy to get discouraged but I've recently felt God giving me peace about HIS timing. He's allowing me to rest in Him more completely than ever before. When the house does eventually sell, things will move at such a pace I'll be longing for a breath and missing this time of ease. Our life will begin to change more rapidly than I can even imagine or wrap my head around.

The other night, God laid on my heart to just enjoy this quiet time He is giving us. He's showing me how to enjoy the stillness that comes from waiting on the Lord. Some seasons in life are so busy with going and doing. This winter with all the snow and ice we've had, there has been a lot of time of just sitting at home and feeling stagnant. Thank goodness God can take us out of the pit of despair and set our feet on solid ground again filling us up with His love!

Pray for the Brazilian people and the role God would have for our family in Maceio. Pray for our timing and that we will continue to drench ourselves into His Word during this time of waiting. Pray for our children to be able to have a healthy time of transition as we enjoy another spring in Kentucky.

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