our JAY-bird's 8

Hard to believe but my baby was born 8 years ago today!!! We celebrated yesterday, by traveling about 3 and a half hours to enjoy Hopi Hari. Check out their website! It's a really neat park and we felt like we were in the United States. There was even an Applebees across the road so our day was PERFECT! Jayden's wish this year was to decorate his own cake! He did an awesome job but we all fell into a diabetic coma, for a bit, after partaking it! :)

Jayden opened presents from folks all over. He had several cards and emails from people who pray for us and go to churches that support us! He received gifts from lots of family that he enjoyed playing with all day as well! THANKS GUYS...we love that ya'll remember us!

He's also sporting a new punching bag with boxing gloves. Are we crazy, or what!?!

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