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What is the hardest thing about learning a new language?

Glad you asked!!! ha

It has to be understanding JOKES or when someone is being sarcastic!

They're only stating a short phrase that seems simple enough and you understand the words their saying but you have to ask them to explain 3 or 4 times so that you "very seriously" will get this important information that they are sharing. It's really uncomfortable cause you're trying to answer or respond to them but there is no answer. YOU'RE JUST SUPPOSED TO LAUGH but unfortunately you don't know that.

I always feel my forehead furrow and try so hard. Eventually they move on and shrug it off as if to give up and this is when I realize I missed the fact that they were only kidding. UGH!!

I really hate not understanding the jokes too. There is nothing worse than being in a room full of people and while everyone is listening to someone talk, the whole room bursts out in laughter. OF COURSE YOU LAUGH TOO because to not laugh would seem rude. But then some nice soul asks if you understood and you confess, "NO!" It is awful...sorta like being in middle school again and you feel clueless about everything.

Last night, the conversation at our Bible Study was moving really fast and I just could not keep up. I didn't know if I should have a serious face to go with what they were saying or a smile pasted on my completely clueless face. I had to go with the head nod but I'm not sure how long that will work.

Pray all these little things don't put me (MISS RED PETAL) in the nut house.


Cam said...

Our Canadian friend clued me in to a little trick...
the phrase "Pois é..." works in almost any context. it's what she says when she doesn't understand what's being said....
One time I tried this in a taxi. We were stuck in traffic and the driver said something I didn't understand...so I said "Pois é."
He instantly slammed on the gas, got a furious look on his face and I went on the most dangerous cab ride I've had yet!!
I haven't tried to fake it again since....

Cam said...

It should be noted we'd only been in the country about 9 YEARS!!! when that happened.