the good kind of tears

Today has been such a blessing.
In the mail today I received a very special package that touched my heart.
You see...I have 4 of the most amazing friends in the world and they know me better than anyone! Dana B. encourages me to always go the extra mile and gives the best HUGS. Amy makes me laugh so hard I hurt and being with her just makes me happy! Melissa pushes me to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and adheres us all together. Dana F. takes care of the needs of everyone and never breaks a promise.

I wasn't sure I'd make it living on a different continent than them but I found out quickly that because of my time with them, I'm a better friend to people here. From them, I learned to be more vulnerable and real which makes it much easier to share the love of Christ.

My house smells of Praline and we'll be having our favorite chicken casserole tonight with the mushroom soup girls! Thanks for all the work you did putting this package together.
I love you!

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