going solo

Tonight Mike and I led our first Portuguese Bible Study without help from our language teacher! Mike has taught on other nights but the normal leader was out of town tonight and he asked us to fill in for him. After Jackson led a time of worship, I told the Bible Story and Mike then led the discussion. Jackson made music sheets for everyone and was really well prepared so he seems to have found his niche.

It was an amazing night!!
We (all 5 of us) are completely aware of our inabilities and yet we are in awe of how God takes our limitations and uses them for good! At times we feel as if we don't know where the words are coming from yet God continues to speak through what feels like craziness in our heads! It was such an exciting night to see the possibilities of what is to come in our time here in RP! I can't even explain the joy I have in my heart knowing that God WOULD CHOOSE to use our lives, inadequacies and all!!

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S and J said...

One of our favorite posts yet ... just reading about the ways in which you are being used, yes with the inadequacies, but with a heart that says, "Here WE are, use US!" Family ministry at His best ... and we couldn't be more proud of all 5 of you. Pass on our love to the boys as well.
Steve & Joanna
Elizabeth, Noah, & Emma