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Jackson, Jayden and I (Mike) recently visited quilombo Santa Maria. JohnMark had been sick so Rebecca stayed back with him. This is the same place where I helped to build the health clinic back in June. The purpose of our trip was to continue building relationships and to encourage the 12 local believers there. We traveled about 3 1/2 hours into the interior with a local missionary (Markinho) and his son (Marcos). Markinho has been working to reach them for about seven years now. We hope this village will be a central point in reaching many other surrounding quilombos for Christ!

We stopped by a local market on the way to pick-up some freshly butchered beef for dinner. Jayden thought it was interesting that the meat wasn't in the refrigerator!

The boys were also impressed with the fresh chicken hanging nearby!

This is the market next to the meat store.

The fish being cleaned for lunch.

Later that afternoon some local boys took us out to fish for piranha.
Jackson shared with Neto (our 12 year old guide) about Jesus along the way.

Our small canoe was about two inches from the water surface and taking on water.
Jackson thought it'd be a good idea to start bailing!

This is Neto. Please pray for him to understand his need for Christ.

Jackson's first piranha.

Jayden's first piranha.

Jayden fishing next to his new friends.

I caught this fish without a pole using only a spool of line, hook, weight, and bobber.
This is a common way of fishing in the interior.

Jackson and Jayden fishing off the back of the canoe.

Jackson, Jayden and Marcos playing with some local boys. They were just returning from a short jungle trip. Marcos called Jayden Moses because he carried around this big stick everywhere. Jayden said that he hid it so that he could play with it next time too.

A little girl was riding her bike and lost control when a chicken ran out in front of her. Her big toe got was caught in the spokes and cut to the bone removing most of the skin! Her father was working and her mother had recently abandoned her and her nine brothers and sisters. I was the only one in the village with a vehicle. So, me and a neighbor took her to a nearby community for help (the local heath clinic is not ready yet). This was an experience that I will never forget!

Jackson and Jayden with Pedro, the village leader. Pray for Pedro. He believes in God but doesn't enjoy a personal saving relationship with Jesus. He is a great friend and person of peace.

This is the whole group with Pedro.

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