an open door

We spent the day with Valdilene and Maria Zilinha. We were able to story with them and enjoy a couple of hours in their home. We also met Valdilene's mother and father. They were so welcoming and we feel that through this family we will be able to have many contacts to the rest of their community. Her husband takes a bike each day into a nearby town and works as a youth counselor. They have 3 other children as well and we ask that you join us in praying for all of them and the opportunity to continue taking the Gospel into their Quilombo.

Below are several photos of the homes that the Quilombola people live in. The floors are typically dirt as well but they keep their homes very clean.

The HUGE beehives that are on almost every tree.

The bridge that thankfully withstood our BIG TRUCK

The fruit hanging off this tree is called Jaca or, in English, Jack Fruit. They are in season right now and you see them everywhere in the interior. We are not big fans of the taste but supposedly this is the largest fruit to grow on trees in the world.

We ARE huge fans of bananas and coconut water so when offered these treats
we never pass them up. I think I'll be making banana bread for awhile.


Claudia Rejane said...

God bless you all dears friends! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yum I love bananas also