returning to routine

We are beginning to feel more at home here. Carnival is over and the city is getting back to normal. ALSO, our ceiling fans have been installed and we are all sleeping like babies! HALLELUJAH!!

Many of you have asked to see pictures of our new apartment
so here are a few. It's really quite charming.
My favorite part is our balcony. We live on the 3rd floor surrounded by other buildings so unfortunately there's not a lot of privacy. Otherwise it would be really serene.

Our living room

This is the only part of the boy's room that I was able to take a photo of
because they are still working on finding the floor. HA For the first time ever, they are all 3 sharing a room. In order for them to have more space, Mike and I gave them the larger of the 2 bedrooms. I'll show you how I fit a queen and two twins into this room as soon as I'm not embarrassed to take a picture.

My kitchen which I am taking back from the ants.

My beautiful laundry room. We finally have my washing machine up and going and I'm so HAPPY!! I'm pretty sure we'll never see this area without clothes.
It takes a really long time to dry stuff here because of the humidity.

This is the room off of the living room where we do school every day.
So you could also call this my mental ward!

The view from our balcony and if you look way down in between the
last 2 buildings you can faintly see the ocean.

If I zoom in with my camera it comes a little clearer and
you can make out the waves. COOL, huh?!?

More photos to come of life outside the apartment soon!

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Melissa said...

Love the house, it looks so homey :)
Wish I could come over and have a BBQ with you! I did want to say I have really appreciating how you do laundry the last 2 weeks!! our dryer caught on fire, yes a 911 call and all, it was crazy to say the least. so without a dryer for the last 2 weeks and drying clothes on a rolling rack in my room. Looks like your laundry room :) Your a trooper!
love you lady,