6 reasons we don't buy imported items

At the time I'm writing this post the
1 US dollar=1.66 Reais.

So, at first when I found a can of Campbell's soup on the shelf I almost fell over because I just knew it would be impossible to find it down here. I grabbed three cans without even looking at the price and then the sticker under the can grabbed my attention. Needless to say, I reversed my motion and replaced all 3 cans back onto the shelf. No worries cause I've learned how to easily make this can of stuff with fresh ingredients and it even tastes better...kinda. :)

This next picture doesn't actually tell the absurdness well. This bag of chips is the size of one stuck in a child's lunch box. The sack contains, at most, 12 chips. I'll let you figure up how much that is per chip. Unfortunately, this is it for corn chips in Northeast Brazil.

Santa brought Pringles to our kiddos this past Christmas and it was a huge treat. I found these babies on sale the other day but still had trouble justifying the purchase since it's not a holiday or anything. Easter will be here soon I suppose.

This supermarket here in Fortaleza was the first one where we were able to find marshmallows.
We opted to wait on these as well!

These, too, are almost impossible to find.
This price below belongs to the box of 8!
I know, RIGHT!!!?!

I've been gone awhile but I don't remember Johnson's keeping their merchandise behind lock and key. 18.50 for baby oil is another reason to celebrate kids out of diapers.


Anonymous said...

that is crazy. I think your due a care package from KY!
love you bunches,

Susan said...

Time to break out your cookbook and do your own marshmallows! :)