objects in photo are smaller than they appear

Yesterday morning, I had to wake up around 3:45 am so that we would be ready for the folks picking us up and taking us to the airport at 5:00. I got up and went straight to the shower. As soon as I walked in the bathroom, I saw something move on the shower door.
Now, please understand that before we came here to Brazil, I was told we'd have lots of critters in our home. I knew it would happen but up until yesterday, we had only seen bugs and one lizard on the balcony. Life on the 11th floor was really nice and really CRITTER FREE!

All this to say that this "little guy" watched me take a shower yesterday and waited patiently for me to leave so that he could return to his meal of mosquitoes.
I didn't like it all.
I know all you veteran missionaries will probably think Rebecca is quite the "critter wimp" but I REALLY didn't like it! I think it's particularly funny that we lived in Ribeirao Preto for over a year with no occurrences like this and yet on my last morning, I was blessed with such a treat.

I asked Mike if he thought it was God's way of helping me be ready to leave this home or if God was just preparing me for what our "new norm" would be. He responded way too quickly with a laugh and the answer I wasn't looking for!!!


roger and courtney said...

We have one of those guys upstairs and he always jumps out from under Asher's door and scares me. There's another one downstairs that Asher loves to chase. And then there's that little bitty one we found dead in our refrigerator...
Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Living in Florida, I have seen my share of lizards, bugs etc since our winters don't freeze them out. Our last rental home also had lots of spiders, HUGE ones. I thought, in my pride, this would prepare me for "normal stuff". However when we went to Haiti, there was a large geeko around the toilet. IT FREAKED ME OUT. I couldn't go to the bathroom. I prayed and prayed for him to go SOMEWHERE. So, if it makes you feel any better, I should be ok with them...but I struggle too :)Angela