Quick Update

We've been REALLY busy lately. Life here is moving so FAST. I can't believe in 9 days we'll have been here for 5 months! School is moving right along and we're seeing progress YET we always seem to yearn for more words than we have!

In a few weeks we'll be headed east again for a quick doctors visit in Sao Paulo and then we'll head to Jacarei to work with a team (Center Point Church) from Lexington.

On the subject of my health...I'm doing great! I feel great and I have been symptom free for almost 2 months. I'm looking healthy again and eating like a normal person. I'm working on tapering off my meds and life is slowly getting back to normal. I KNOW deep down in my heart that God is healing me! I refuse to credit this to a misdiagnosis. I truly believe God took the extremely sick person that I was and is making me whole again! Continue to pray with me for the doctors to be in awe with the results they see!

We will be out of school for the entire month of July and hope to get some traveling in and possibly even another trip to Ubatuba (the beach). We will also be moving to a new apartment in the beginning of July! (That's right I said MOVING again! UGH) The apartment we're living in is no longer available for rent because the owner is getting married and wants to move into it! I personally think God knew we were getting a little too comfy in this place and thought it would be a great time for making sure we're still FLEXIBLE! ha!! Anyway...lots of happenings in JULY.

We are meeting together with a group on Saturday nights in a bairro called Portinari. The people we have met and are getting to know there are so amazing! God is working in the lives of these people in unbelievable ways. Pray with us as HE works through these lives and for Daniel B. as he leads the group.

Thank you all for continuing to follow this very sporadic and random blog. There have been days I started to write but God has had me in a quiet place lately. Imagine that, huh?!? I think sometimes in this world of blogging, facebook, email, and twitter that sometimes we are really quick to talk talk talk talk talk! We think everyone in the world really needs to know our every thought and action and we sit and listen and wait to hear the words of others and their latest thoughts.
GOOD GRIEF! I wander how we appear to God at times. We probably sound like a bunch of squawking geese! What do you think? I know God is really working on getting me to listen listen listen listen listen. I think hearing what HE has for me each day is much more valuable than any advice or thoughts of man. Know what I mean?!?

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The Summers said...

you are too cute...moving again! I read this recently on a blog and you are right one: "You should not be sad to move. Moving reminds us that we do not belong here. We're only passing through. Maybe people should move more often so they remember."