FUTEBOL?! Copa do Mundo...huh?

Other than buying shin guards and cheering from the sidelines for my little fellas the couple of years each of them played, soccer has never been something I've cared about. I just don't get it. I never have.
I've also never been the type of girl that embraced the WHEN IN ROME mentality. I pride myself in not swaying with every anomaly that comes my way.
here we are living in Brazil and it just so happens that their team is REALLY outstanding.
WHAT TO DO, begin liking a new sport that never seems to score over 3 for the best team or stick to my guns and ignore the whole hoop-la.
During the first game I watched a bit and then made the overt decision to wander off to the back bedroom to insert ear buds and read! After about ten minutes I began to hear the wildest noise imaginable OVER the music playing directly into my ears.
It just so happens this country LOVES their soccer and the excitement became infectious. I went back to the living room to finish watching Brazil WIN!!!
I wouldn't call myself a fan but you should all know that Sunday afternoon Brazil had their 2nd win. I'm just saying...
And yeah, I watched the WHOLE game this time. Mike recorded the celebration after the first goal from our balcony.
Take a listen...

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