A Big Thanks to Some Folks Back Home

THE SIMS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS @ LOFBC asked a few weeks back if there was anything we needed. I sent a wish list of items and in a few short hours was informed that everything was taken care of and would be sent to Brazil. WOW!!!! I can't even explain in words how grateful we are to all of you for your servant hearts! We are in awe of not only the fact that you got EVERYTHING on the list but the fact that you got MULTIPLE items of EVERYTHING on the list! As I'm typing this blog, the boys are building their legos. They are GIDDY!! Michael thanks you for the peanut butter and I thank you wholeheartedly for the mascara!! It's so great to see all these little pieces of HOME!
~All Our Love
The Powells


Jen said...

Hooray....we love you guys! So happy to do this for you....we want to help out every 3 months...so I will be coming for you again soon...enjoy girl....:)

Susan said...

Care packages are the best! They make you feel waaaaay loved, even if it is just a few packs of mixes and whatnot. :)