All Things Are Relative

Last night was the coldest night we've had since we arrived in Brazil. I woke up and was freezing. The kids said they had trouble getting warm all night long in bed as well. During their school today we had to take the kids jackets because they were complaining that their arms and ears were cold.

We had always heard that when you live in a warm climate for a period of time, your body adjusts to the temperature. I thought that was the craziest thing I'd ever heard! I'm not sure if our blood is thinner or what but today the high was 70 and it literally felt like 30!!! What will we do in June?!?
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Susan said...

Just wait 'til that first winter home on furlough.... BRRRR! :) Seems to me it takes about 3 months to get used to a warm climate and about three YEARS to go the other way....

roger and courtney said...

Your body definitely adjusts. We had a 79 degree day recently and it felt down right cold outside.
Tell the boys we said hi. Miss you guys!

The Queen said...

My husband,Tim, our two younger children (Sara, 17 and Noah, 13) and I started attending CPC last August -- we had been members of a UMC church for 7 years, came to CPC one Sunday to meet folks our kids had been hanging out with (they are friends with Heather and Justin Root) and we have never been back to our previous church. It has changed our lives -- unfortunately, we never got to know your sweet family. However, please know we are praying for you all -- we are in Brent and Delisa Birchell's Connect Group -- and hope to meet you whenever you find yourselves back this way -- or if we ever get to Brazil! (Wow, that was a long, run-on sentence. . .) May God Bless you richly in the life you have chosen to give to HIM!

Kelly Hamilton