Mike is booking our flight today with the travel agent. If we fly out the week of the 11th, it will cost A LOT ($5000) more than if we wait a week. So in order to be good stewards of Lottie's money we are going to wait a week. Our flight is tentatively scheduled for the 18th. We're checking with our language school director today before we book tomorrow. I'm going to post pictures soon of the madness we call packing! ha

My friend Kelly posted this on her website! Matt Chandler, from the Village Church, teaches on the sanctification of marriage. It spoke to me. Listen and see if it speaks to you!
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kelly summers said...

ohh..I feel so special. Matt Chandler is one of the only ones that can scream at you and make you think..yeah maybe I do need to change that area or stop that...ha!