Clean Drinking Water

My friend Arilton has started a Brazilian NGO called Missão Água Viva.  The Quilombola people of Maranhão need clean drinking water.  His mission works to provide clean water to communities by giving a ceramic water filter to each family.  This act of love is bridging relationships to share Jesus through Bible stories.  The mission is going strong and we are amazed at all God is doing amongst these peoples. 

In March we found a family factory that makes ceramic water filters in the nearby town.  Below are some pictures of the filters, the factory and the first delivery to Penalva, Maranhão.


So far we’ve been able to deliver water filters to four different villages.  Most of these villages are only accessible by boat.  The logistics can be a challenge but God has always provided a WAY.



The word is spreading into other Quilombos.  Village leaders are now requesting that we visit their community and share with them how they, too, can have access to clean drinking water. 


Opportunities have opened for sharing Bible stories to the villages through showing the love of Jesus.

Richie Allen with LINC-UP Missions in the USA has partnered with Arilton to help make it all possible.  LINC-UP enables individuals, churches or businesses to give financially to support Missão Água Viva by adopting Quilombola families.  


Anonymous said...

That is sooooooo cool!!! I love when God brings a plan to fruition!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!!! Praise JESUS!! How exactly do those filters work? I was trying to look at the pics and figure it out. Bless your family!! Layton Family

Anonymous said...

It's a blessing! I didn't know about this project. Please give us an update about Arilton's church. You and pastor Arilton are such jars of honor, and God is really amazing for providing all of the details when we can not realize how!
Mirian Fróes