catching our breath

Okay...I really apologize for my lack of communication on here. Time has once again gotten away from me. The fact that it is already February makes my head spin.

As most of you already know, we spent several weeks in the states over Christmas. We had an amazing time catching up with friends and family. Days filled with kissing my nieces' cheeks a million times, laughing hysterically with old friends and EATING at just about every restaurant we had missed for two years made the 3 1/2 weeks FLY by.

These beauties are my "growing way too fast" nieces, Ana and Micah. Micah (below) was a tiny baby when we left two years ago. It didn't take me long to have her cuddled in my arms. I'm so thankful that the time and distance that kept us apart was completely forgotten.

We were blessed to have such quality time with all our family. Mike's brother and sister-in-law graciously allowed us to borrow their suv while we were stateside. This allowed us to get up to Central Kentucky to visit all our old friends.

We stayed at several different friends' houses.
Thanks to the Millers and the Staffords for putting us up during our time in Lexington.

We rushed and rushed to see and visit with as many people as possible. I think at last count, we ate with 18 separate families during our time there, not counting the New Year's Eve party with lots of our CPC family.

We enjoyed Bd's with this special couple.
We've known Ranjit for a very long time and were so excited to meet his new wife, Raeka.

These ladies (my very best friends in the whole universe) stole me away for about 24 hours. We even got a hotel room so we could stay up all night catching up, dancing like 12 year olds and soaking up every moment possible before I had to take off again. Man oh man, I really love these girls.

All the kids were reunited again as well. It was as if they hadn't skipped a beat. They were a bit taller this go around and a few had deeper voices but that's not to say they didn't run around the house playing just like they used to!
I loved it.

We got back to Brazil on the 12th of January and have been going full force again
with school and trips to the interior.

Mike is working with several guys to start a water project.
They will be working to get clean water to those that are living without it.

This is where we sleep (in hanging hammocks)
when we spend time in Q. Santa Maria

This is how we bathe as there is no running water currently.

Grandma...they love all the caps you sent down with us.
They didn't want to take them off.

The kids are beginning to trust us as we call them by name and continue making relationships with each of them. They love playing soccer with our boys.
JohnMark, Jackson, and Jayden are teaching them American baseball too.

I love this picture below. A Brazilian friend had really wanted some fresh milk and by FRESH, I mean right from the cow. He really likes it with manioc flour to where it's almost the consistency of oatmeal. This man is checking the manioc flour for bugs.
He wanted to make sure it was just perfect before he served it.

Several small groups gather together to hear Mike share stories from the Bible.

These men are digging a well paid for by the government. Not all Q's have this luxury.

I'm going to sum it up there for now. We travel this weekend (all five of us) back to our friends in QSM. It will be Carnival so we thought getting out of the city would be wonderful.

fyi...I HATE Carnival.

I know you're not supposed to say it but it's dreadful...REALLY LOUD music all hours of the day and night. Ear plugs have been coming in handy as to get some rest. People are living it up in every way possible. The motto: do ANYTHING you want and ask forgiveness from God later. It's kinda sad cause all sin has consequences, ya know?!?

So all that to say,
Dear Carnival, please go away.

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Dana said...

I'm so thankful you are back to the blog....it was great seeing all the pictures from your visit "home" and from what is going on in your life now. You encourage me to be stronger in my walk and to love the way God loves. I have to follow my heart and stay true to my convictions even if that means giving up everything....there is no gray area! I love you Rebecca!