we delight

Here are some things God has been up to in our lives

  • Our home is pneumonia-free!! All coughing has ceased.
  • Michael is learning many new things amongst his new students out in the Quilombo. They are showing him all the funny gestures that he does and what they "REALLY" mean in the context of their culture. (He is working hard at keeping his hands still in front of the classroom in order to keep the laughter at a minimum.)
  • Our precious puppy, Charlie, has found a new loving owner. Only 8 hours after listing him online, a young single guy came over to our apartment and took away our sweet little bellowing baby! We miss him but hallelujah, we can leave the house again without worry of a dog screaming non-stop. We're even getting smiles from our neighbors.
  • The flood wall in Paducah, Kentucky (the town where Mike and I grew up) held throughout all the flooding along the Ohio River Valley. Although much farmland and many small towns nearby were completely devastated, the town we know and love was spared.
  • The protests on our street are OVER!!! No more yelling all morning! You can hear a pin drop first thing in the morning around our house and I LOVE IT!
  • The worst of the rainy season is over and the sun has been showing itself quite frequently. I am feeling a smile on my face during HUGE portions of my day, even while washing dishes. I have missed that feeling.
  • The bees in this beehive right outside our apartment have stayed a safe distance away from our windows.
  • We have a new washing machine and it is just wonDERful. I've only been caught cleaning it and wiping it down like a new car about a dozen times. Mike says I have issues.
  • Mike did not get bit by the bat that flew around his head as he was preaching last Sunday night. It was quite humorous watching him try and not be distracted as it buzzed his ears.
  • God has given us a little piece of paradise to enjoy on sunny Saturdays.

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