We are traveling to north Brazil on Sunday for orality training. There, in Belem, we'll practice new techniques for sharing stories from the Bible in order to teach peoples that are unable to read and write or just prefer the storying method. Excited about seeing a NEW part of Brazil but dreading the laundry & packing that is required before and after.

Belem is considered the entrance gate to the Amazon River. It has a humid and hot (tropical) climate which unlike where we are living now is dry and HOT. It will give us a good idea of what life will be like in Sao Luis. Pray that our flights (with smaller style planes;) will be safe and that we learn all God has for us there.

Also keep JohnMark in your prayers as he's struggling right now with a bad allergic reaction to SOMETHING!?! We think it might be mangos but we're not positive. He looks really red and swollen and no amount of Benedryl seems to clear it up. ALSO, our next Language Interview (LI) is coming up mid-December. We REALLY want to do well on this so that we can begin to make arrangements for our BIG move up north!

Thanks again for all your emails of encouragement and prayer support!

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ccnichols said...

Hey, I'm so excited for you guys and your progress.
We actually sent you a box about 2 wks ago and was wondering if you received it? Chris was making jokes that customs took it cause I put some all natural soap in there. I hope they didn't.
Anyway I hope your trip is wonderful and you guys are doing well
Love The Nichols